E-SCHOOL Educational Group had the joy and honor to be the host of a group of 12 persons (trainees and escorts) of the Institution “St. Lazarus”, based on Larnaca of Cyprus. The mobility took place within the boundaries of the ERASMUS+ program, “St. Lazarus” being the sending organization from Cyprus, while the receiving organization (host) was E-SCHOOL Educational Group. It lasted for two weeks (25/9/2016 to 9/10/2016) titled “Using the IT on training and inclusion of people with special needs, mental and movement disabilities, within the school and larger society environment”, coded as 2016-1-CY01-KA102-017185. The participant trainees are people with disabilities, and they have learned new methods and ways of training and using their skills with an ultimate goal their own inclusion in the society of man (social, professional). The main target is fighting the ban of people with disabilities through using the communication tools, modern technology and the growth of mobility skills. The training took place in the Greek Language by experienced trainers. Multiple software programs were included in the training, such as ZAC Browser Gold, NPointer etc. During their stay, the trainees met the educational system of our country, the culture and civilization of the local area as well as participating to multiple extra cultural activities (visits to museums, experiencing the ecosystem of lake Plastira, dances, theatrical shows etc).