E-SCHOOL Educational Group, always a leader in adult education and training, received the distinction “example of good practices” for the excecution and management of the completed and desk-checked project with title “Training in Innovative Technologies and their Implementation in Adult Education” and code “2016-1-EL01-KA104-023264”.

The project concerned the attendance of a structured course lasting 5 days by 6 attendees-trainers of the Group, with the subject of learning the use and applications of the Augmented Reality technology in Adult Education. The partner organization MECB excecuted their obligations professionaly and with integrity, while E-SCHOOL’s team completed in full their duties.

The final report which was delivered at the State Scholarship Foundation was crystal-clear and written with professionalism, and was of course escorted by all matching papers, invoices and receipts, thus gaining the distinction “Example of Good Practices” which escorts the publication of this project’s results in the Disemmination Platform.