E-SCHOOL Educational group is in the favorable position to announce the approval of the project with title «AN ADULT DIGITAL EDUCATION SKILLS KIT TO FOSTER EMLOYABILITY (DESK)» and code «2018-1-EL01-KA204-047819».
The proposal was submitted for evaluation on March 2018, and received the approval at the end of July. The project concerns the international cooperation of organizations originating from seven countries, with the ultimate goal of performing tasks in order to produce an educational archetype and tool to be used by adult educators, targeting the increase of offered training quality. E-SCHOOL has risen in the past years to be a leader in quality adult education, and the present project is in line with our values and goals, while it is a logical continuation of the project with title «TRAINING INNOVATIVE TECHNOLOGIES AND THEIR IMPLEMENTATION IN ADULT EDUCATION», and code «2016‐1‐EL01‐KA104‐023264».
The project will last 30 months starting from 1/11/2018, a duration in which the participating organizations are called upon to complete their mission. The participating organizations are of various types, as the scheme includes Adult Education organizations (university, LLLC etc), leading organizations in technology (Augmented Reality, 3D Creation etc), in communication and dissemination and more.
During this project, 5 transnational project meetings of the Project Managers will take place, while each organization will perform activities separately to produce deliverables meeting checkpoint milestones. The total project control will be carried out by E-SCHOOL Educational Group (Applicant/Project Leader), which has management responsibilities. The communication and guidance of the partner organizations will occur during set and frequent time spans and through various means, while E-SCHOOL will create a special digital platform for communication and information.
During this project various activities will take place to which stakeholders will be invited to take part, originating to the local society (adult trainers, trainees etc), while a dissemination event will take place in our country at the end of the project to present the results.