E-SCHOOLparticipates in the cross-sectorial Transnational Education Mentoring Partnership (TEMP) which has been established in the framework of PHERECLOS project funding from the EU under the programme “HORIZON 2020”.

The ambition for forming the TEMP partnership is to implement and disseminate transferable outcomes (models, recommendations and policy briefs) gained from the stocktaking and analysis of cases of good practice, as well as from the implementation of the Local Education Clusters models which has been established during the project life time.

Moreover, TEMP partnership aims to promote Open Schooling as an education innovation stimulus which is the overall mission of PHERECLOS project. Open Schooling represents the formation of collaboration models and communities which include education providers of various kinds – either in formal or non-formal environments. This shall enhance the mode of operation of schools in a manner, which supports them to reflect on external ideas, topics and societal challenges.