4 March 2021

The topic of sustainability is not represented enough in adult education, especially given its importance for the people, the environment and the economy. Sustainability skills can especially benefit various vulnerable groups with less favourable economic, social and health outcomes. At the same time, vulnerable groups need learning strategies adapted to their learning styles, values and daily needs.

Partners in the project Sustainable life skills for vulnerable target groups are convinced that in the 21 st century the skills and knowledge for sustainable lifestyle are as important as basic skills of literacy or critical thinking and are complementary to them.

At the same time, we identified a lack of knowledge and capacity needed for providing quality sustainability-related education to vulnerable target groups. Thus our wish is to strengthen our knowledge and capacity and increase the visibility of the topic of a sustainable lifestyle in adult education by offering adult educators useful guidelines, tips methods and materials for more effective transfer of sustainability-related skills, knowledge and values to vulnerable groups.

Project goals:

  • international exchange of good practices related to sustainable lifestyle
  • strengthening of competencies and capacity of the adult education sector for the education of vulnerable groups about sustainable life skills
  • strengthening of the partnership network, increasing our ability to cooperate and operate on international level
  • mutual learning and finding new solutions

Apart from sustainable life skills, which we understand as a set of practical skills for deliberate daily sustainable life, we are also interested in motivational, social and cultural aspects of a sustainable lifestyle, such as attitude towards the environment and society, financial motivation and cultural norms.

All who find this topic relevant are welcome to join the conversation.

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