20 June 2022

We were pleased to participate in the LTTA of the Colti al Volo – Caught on the Fly project held in Barcelona, Spain during the week of June 13 to 17, 2022.
Participants enhanced their understanding of adult education, conflict management, intercultural and intergenerational relationships, and emotional intelligence during the LTTA. In addition, they learnt how to use these strategies during their sessions. Participants acquired skills such as creativity, good interpersonal skills, and the capacity to detect learners’ needs in order to adapt or alter the teaching technique.
The course was based on the principles of non-formal learning, and the primary techniques of training included brainstorming sessions, active conversation and exchange of experiences, small-group work and interactive presentations of work outcomes, role-playing games, and so on.

ℹ The C.a.Volo project aims to foster adult and elderly communities in rural areas.