8 December 2022

ENGAGE project is coming into an end

The beautiful journey of the EU project ENGAGE, funded by the Erasmus+ Programme, is coming into end and the partnership has many creative results to share with you. During this project, six European organisations from Italy, Portugal, the UK, Malta and Greece worked together with the aim to modernize teaching practices through updating/upgrading teachers’ knowledge and skills.
The project main activities were the implementation of training activities for teachers, trainers, and educators in order to develop their competence and abilities and to inform them about new teaching approaches. So, initially, a training course was implemented in Malta, in September 2021, with regarding CLIL for language teachers and how to best integrate this methodology into their teaching practices. In continuation to this, another training was provided to teachers in Greece, in December 2021, so as to provide them with deeper knowledge in Online Teaching and Learning practices. The last training activity took place in the UK, in September 2022, were the participating educators had a hands-on experience with Digital Tools and how they can make their lessons motivating and engaging by incorporating them in their lessons.

During the project’s life cycle at least 30 teachers received training and are considered able to create their own innovative learning environments. To ensure that the project’s outcomes reach a broader audience, the consortium members have all contributed to the compilation of a Handbook that summarizes the methodology and learning outcomes of each training session. A Facebook page and a website dedicated to the project have been developed and The Handbook and all the created materials are available on the project’s website.

The partnership:

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