24 July 2023

On 11.07.2023, the “Kick off Meeting” of the cooperation partnership project in the field of youth education “Future – Entrepreneurship’s FUTURE is green and digital” took place in Braga, Portugal.
📍 2 representatives of each partner organization from Lithuania (Efektas Group), Greece (E-School Educational Group-Eu Projects), Romania (TEAM4Excellence) and Spain (ASEID Asociación para el Empleo, la Inclusión y el Desarrollo) participated and gathered in Portugal for the first Transnational Partners Meeting of this project. 🌍🇱🇹🇬🇷🇷🇴🇪🇸
💡 During the meeting, we discussed green and digital skills for young workers and entrepreneurs, aiming to strengthen their initiative, entrepreneurship and employability. 💼🌿💪
🤝 Together, we plan all the project activities, which will result in the creation of educational and training activities. Our goals are to develop green, digital and entrepreneurial skills, with a special focus on innovative solutions for creating sustainable and environmentally friendly businesses. 🌍💡💼

🌐 Follow us and follow the development of this amazing project! Let’s build a green and digital future together! 🌿💻🚀