27 July 2023

The #Escpae4SDGs project partners conducted an online meeting on July 24, 2023 to discuss the status of the project.

📊 The meeting was attended by all project partners, who discussed the finalization of the 1st Project Result, a Training KIT on educational escape games 🗝, that will educate youth practitioners on the creation of Escape Games as an engaging teaching tool. The Training KIT will soon become available through our project’s website.
💡 The partners had the chance to discuss and share their ideas for the development of the 2nd Project Result, a digital App 📱 with 4 escape games on the SDGs.
👥 It was a productive session, during which the next transnational meeting in Istanbul, Turkey, was planned and different managerial issues were discussed and examined.

📢 Stay tuned for further updates on this innovative project!