22 September 2023

Syrian Refugees in Europe – Present & Future
with Kazuma Matoba, Kosha Joubert and Syrians (English/German)

After ten years, the situation in Syria has led to the world’s largest refugee crisis. Many forcibly displaced Syrians & refugees experience cycles of trauma, violence, and distress before migration, during and after resettlement as they navigate through various layers of crisis. 1 million reside in Europe with more than 6.7 million displaced internally since 2011. Together, we will create a witnessing container to offer care to all those concerned.

Join us on Friday, September 22 at 4.30 – 6pm Berlin/ 10.30am – 12pm NY/ 5.30 – 7pm Damascus

Link: https://pocketproject.org/event/syrian-diaspora-in-europe-present-future