We are a multipurpose Vocational Training and Lifelong Learning center committed to providing high quality education and knowledge certification

E-SCHOOL EDUCATIONAL GROUP is an Adult Education Centre and VET provider located in Greece. It was established in September 2003 with a focus on training VET and Adult Learners in skills that will be useful for future jobs.

E-SCHOOL is accredited by the Greek National Organization for the Certification of Qualifications and Vocational Guidance – EOPPEP (ID 2000112) and is certified with ISO 9001:2015, ISO 27001:2013 and ISO 27701:2019.

Our commitment is to provide quality education and accreditation on the subjects we deal in and support our learners in developing skills that will ensure their smooth and successful transition into the labor market.

The main objectives of our activities were and still are training. However, over the years, the services provided by E-SCHOOL has been extending.

Our facilities cover an area of over 500 m2.

Apart from the two owners, E-SCHOOL is currently staffed by nine permanent employees and over 50 teachers, depending on the circumstances.

In the past years, we have trained over 7000 unemployed individuals via the «Voucher for Entry to the Labour Market» programs, and over 4000 more trainees in our various seminars.

E-SCHOOL activities target the following Groups: Adults learners, Unemployed, Employees, Entrepreneurs, Trainers, teachers, educators.

The organisation’s activities are structured around the following themes:

I. Entrepreneurship and Employability:

We promote employability and entrepreneurship by equipping individuals with updated occupational qualifications and enhancing their employment perspectives. We endeavour to close the gap between education and labour market needs, ensuring equal access and smooth transition into the workforce. Our primary focus is to address skills mismatches, support social cohesion, and foster an efficient and inclusive job market. In this light, we implement the following initiatives:

  1. National Programmes through the system of training vouchers for the unemployed to acquire and/or update/upgrade professional knowledge and skills to satisfy the modern demands of the labour market.
  2. National Vocational Training Programmes for Employees in small businesses (SMEs)(LAEK 1-30) aimed at preparing employees to better meet the needs of the companies for which they work and to boost their productivity.
  3. Community Service Programmes in Municipalities aimed at providing Training in ICT, Social Economy, and Entrepreneurship. The main target group of this action is unemployed people.

II. Digital Literacy:

We are dedicated to developing individuals’ digital skills for life and work. Our training courses focus on promoting digital skills and competences, fostering digital citizenship, encouraging digital thinking, and utilizing open and distance learning methods. In this light, we implement the following initiatives:

  1. ICT Training in basic and/or advanced digital skills to prepare learners for both their personal and professional lives (Certified ICT examination centre by UNICERT & GLOBAL CERT).
  2. Distant learning: E-SCHOOL provides courses via the e-learning platform (https://www.e-mathima.gr/) that it developed to satisfy the requirement for distant learning for its self-funded training programmes (IT, English, professional seminars, etc.).

III. Green Skills development:

We are committed to promoting sustainable development and environmental responsibility by equipping learners with the skills needed for green jobs and sustainable practices. Our initiatives aim to raise awareness about environmental issues and integrate green skills into various professions, thus contributing to a greener economy. In this light, we implement the following initiatives:

  1. National Programmes through the system of training vouchers for the unemployed to acquire and/or update/upgrade green skills and knowledge to meet the modern demands of the sustainable labour market.
  2. Community Service Programmes in Municipalities aimed at enhancing the green skills of unemployed individuals.

IV. Foreign Languages:

The Centre for Foreign Languages at E-SCHOOL specializes in adult education and official accreditation exam preparation in foreign languages. Our center offers comprehensive classes in English, Italian, and German catering to the diverse needs of adult learners.

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