Karditsa, Greece

Karditsa, Greece

Meeting venue


29, Lamprou Sakellariou, Karditsa, 431 00, Greece

You can reach the training venue from your hotel based in Karditsa either on foot as it is in the middle of the town or by a taxi shared between participants.

How to reach Karditsa

Karditsa by airplane

1 Flights to Athens
and public transportation to Karditsa

The Athens Eleftherios Venizelos International Airport is located 27 km east of the city of Athens. A large number of European and International carriers fly direct into Athens. The airport has excellent public transit connections to the city.

From the airport you may use:

Metro service

Bus service


Athens to Karditsa:
By intercity train: From the Athens airport, using the metro or taxi (not the bus), you should get off at “St. Larissis” (on the red metro line) and get a train ticket to Karditsa. You will need to change over at the Paleofarsalos stop (same ticket). For more information on the train service:


By bus: From the Athens airport, using bus X93 (link maps) or taxi (not metro), you should get off at “LIOSION BUS STATION” and get a direct ticket to Karditsa. Find the bus schedule for Karditsa-Athens and Athens-Karditsa (weekdays and weekends):


2 Flights to Thessaloniki
and public transportation to Karditsa

Flights to Thessaloniki are available by many airlines from various parts of Europe. There are direct flights to Thessaloniki from various European cities.

From the airport, you may use:

Bus service


Bus service from the airport to the bus station:
The airport is served by a 24-hour bus service. On arrival at the Airport of Thessaloniki you can use the bus Line 01x, route Airport – KTEL /central bus station, which goes directly to the city centre (link).

Taxi from the airport to the bus station:

The cars are easily recognized because they are all blue and white with an illuminated sign marked “TAXI” on top. TThe ride’s cost to the bus station should be about €20-25.

Thessaloniki to Karditsa:

By bus:
Timetable information and online booking can be found at the site ktelmacedonia.gr

By train:
Timetable information and online booking can be found at tickets.trainose.gr

Karditsa by Car

Karditsa is in the heart of Greece and easily accessible with a car from the two main airoports.

A drive from Athens takes about 3 hours
(330 km)
click the image –>

A drive from Thessaloniki takes about 2 hours (212 km).
click the image –>

The highway connecting all three cities is modern and comfortable

Useful information about visiting Karditsa, Greece

About Karditsa

Karditsa is a city in western Thessaly in mainland Greece. The city of Karditsa is the capital of the Karditsa regional unit. Click here to learn more.

Group Accommodation

For the duration of your stay, we suggest that you use Booking.com to find appropriate lodging, all hotels within the city of Karditsa are no more than 15 minutes away on foot from the venue.
Many of our associates who visit Karditsa prefer to stay at Kierion Hotel. at the city center.
If you decide to extend your visit please do not hesitate to contact us for more information


The official currency in Greece is Euro. The prices in Greece are not very high as well (e.g. bus ride – 1.20 €, Bread – 0.90 €).
You can check the cost of living in Greece.

Greek Language

Although all training will be provided in English, as you will be exploring Karditsa for a few days, you may indeed have a richer cultural experience if you learn a few common Greek words. You can get an overview of such terms through this link.

Places of interest around Karditsa

It is built close to the tributary of Peneus River, in an area perfect for commercial contact between the plain and mountain area (31.000 inhabitants). This is one of the reasons why it is the rural center of Thessaly’s products (cotton, wheat and products of cattle raising) collection and distribution. With its two big squares, the huge park and beautiful pedestrian precincts, Karditsa gives its visitors the opportunity to go around the city by bicycle (it has a wide network of bicycle streets) and enjoy its beauty.

Near Karditsa (about 30km) there is an artificial paradise for every season of the year.
Lake Plastiras, also known as “Little Switzerland”, is surrounded by an idyllic landscape of incomparable natural beauty that captivates the mind at first sight. Dreamlike in all aspects, it is one of the largest artificial lakes in Greece created in a location where in antiquity we could find the confluence of the rivers Tavropos and Achelous. It is a natural wonder that owes its existence to the inspired vision of General Nikolaos Plastiras (rightfully named after him) to create an impressive dam that would reinvigorate the entire region. Lake Plastira is located in the wider area of Agrafa, lives every season at its fullest, promising to offer you the holiday you dreamed of.
The grandeur of the lake is crowned with the surrounding alpine peaks; snowcapped or green, with rushing streams that flirt with lacy coves, narrow inlets of water between cliffs that create fjord-like scenes and a single luscious green islet in the middle create a mind-blowing landscape which is mirrored in the emerald waters of the lake.
In the vicinity you can find a handful of charming villages situated along the lakeshore or on the mountainous slopes which offer you an idyllic view of the lake!

Plastiras Lake


Last but not least, Meteora is about 50 km from Karditsa. Pillars of rock, sculpted by prehistoric rivers and crowned by otherworldly monasteries, monuments to the power of faith. Meteora means ‘suspended in space’.
Your first, second and third sight of these impossibly tall, vertical rocks will have you gasping in disbelief. But it’s not just the incredible geology that stretches your imagination. It’s the monasteries balanced on these pinnacles. How did they get there? The monks who built them were the original rock climbers, lifting the materials up with pulleys, nets and their bare hands. Today, fans of the sport come to Meteora from the world over, to pit themselves against these gigantic rocks. Unesco has declared Meteora a World Heritage Site.
The Greek state calls it a sacred spot, inviolate and immutable. You’ll no doubt come up with other adjectives to describe Meteora, this wonder of the world.

The Central Square of Karditsa, and the “Pallas” building

Karditsa is a city in western Thessaly in mainland Greece.
The city of Karditsa is the capital of Karditsa regional unit.
Good layout, spacious squares, Pausilipo park, pedestrian streets, bike lanes are the trademark of Karditsa. The city of Karditsa, on the west end of the fertile Thessaly plain, is a modern administrative, financial, commercial and cultural center. Also of architectural interest are the “Pallas” building (in place of the historic Karditsa Hotel “The Beautiful Hellas”), which has been the city’s most important entertainment venue.

Pausilypo Park

The Pausilypo Park is the first urban public green space the city acquired, just twenty years after Thessaly was annexed to the Greek state, is a reference and meeting point for the citizens of Karditsa. The creation of the 165000 m2 park, designed by engineer G. Foskolos (1901), was initiated by Mayor Stergios Lappas, who has linked his name to other infrastructure projects.


Archaeological Museum

The Archaeological Museum, built on the site of the old hospital of the city, contains representative findings of the area, dating from the Paleolithic and Neolithic ages to late antiquity.

Municipal Art Gallery of Karditsa

The Municipal Art Gallery of Karditsa, founded in 1993, contains representative paintings of remarkable artists, who have connections to originate from Karditsa but also from the wider Thessaly area.

The Historical – Folklore Museum

The L. & N. Sakellariou Historical-Folklore Museum (Museum of the City) includes historical relics, everyday objects, urban and traditional costumes and clothing accessories, coins, household utensils etc.


Church of St. Constantinou and Helenis

The Metropolitan Church of Saints Constantinou and Helenis with frescoes by painter Dimitris Yoldassis


The statue of Nikolaos Plastiras (1883-1953) military and politician from Karditsa


Arni Hotel, a magnificent neoclassical mansion of 1921 (the two floors of the building served hotel needs from the beginning, while the ground floor functioned as a cinema, theater and ballroom).

Useful information whilst in Karditsa

Karditsa Police Headquarters

2nd km. Karditsa-Trikala Ring Road, 431 00, Karditsa, Greece
Tel.: +30 24410 80223, 80224

General Hospital of Karditsa
End Tavropos, 43100, Karditsa
Tel.: +30 2441 351555

Emergency Number in Karditsa: Emergency-> 112

Mobile Number of your host contact:


29, Lamprou Sakellariou, Karditsa, 431 00, Greece

You can reach our venue from your hotel based in Karditsa either on foot as it is in the middle of the town or by taxi.