PROGRAMME: Young Women at Work: Digital skills and competence development towards the integration of young women into the labor market

ACRONYM: YoungWomen@Work
PROJECT NUMBER: 2019-3-IT03-KA205-017261

DURATION: 01/02/2020 – 31/07/2021

This project has been funded with support from the European Commission.
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PROGRAMME: Young Women at Work: Digital skills and competence development towards the integration of young women into the labor market
PROJECT NUMBER: 2019-3-IT03-KA205-017261


In our days, youths’ integration into the labour market carries great challenges to member states, since young people aged 15-24 have been one of the greatest victims by the economic crisis in regard to their employment prospects. The situation is even worse for young women at that age range, with the percentage of unemployment reaching the 16,2%, according to the 2017 Eurostat statistics. If we take a closer look at the statistics of 2017
regarding the partner countries of the project, we will disappointingly realise that unemployed young women in Greece reach the percentage of 48,2%, meaning that about 1 every 2 women is unemployed, in Italy 37,2 %, meaning that about 1 every 3 young women is unemployed, in Cyprus 22,9%, meaning that about 1 every 4 of
women is unemployed, in Romania 18,6%, meaning that about 1 every 5 women is unemployed and in Poland 15% with 1 every 6 women between 15-24 years old being unemployed (Eurostat, 2017). We all have to realise that young women are a fundamental asset for European economies and societies. Therefore, empowering young women, by creating the proper conditions to actively participate in the labour market, is considered
imperative for the economic and social development and for the sustainability of European societies. This partnership among the 5 organisations, aims to promote actions and exchange of good practices in the area of digital technology, in order to facilitate young women’s professional integration into the labor market. The project will support, on the one hand, professionals working with young women to improve their digital skills and strengthen digital education initiatives aimed at them (especially the young women that belong to disadvantaged groups, refugees, migrants), in order to train them in the professional use of digital technology to foster their employability and socio-educational and personal development and facilitate their professional and social integration. On the other hand, it will give young women the opportunity to improve their digital basic skills and key
competences through learning experiences and learning environments, to increase their opportunities of being smoothly integrated in the labor market.
The purpose of the project is an international synergy between 5 European organisations with the same need – TO DEVELOP THE DIGITAL SKILLS AND COMPETENCES OF YOUNG WOMEN TO INCREASE THEIR OPPORTUNITIES OF INTEGRATION INTO THE LABOR MARKET. Having as target groups youth workers, trainers, ICT and digital technology experts involved in youth education belonging to partner groups, as well as lowdigital skilled women and young women belonging to disadvantaged groups (i.e. women living in remote areas, refugees, migrants), we propose a project having the following objectives:1. To increase the professional development in digital skills and competences of each partner by means of 4 Short-term joint staff training events,2. To strengthen the networking among partners by developing a website named YoungWomen@Work,
including best practices in digital skill acquisition, discussion forums, flipped classroom, flashnotes, screen capture videos of tutors giving online tutorials, ebooks, etc,3. To launch an awareness-raising campaign – YOUNG WOMEN@WORK. The objectives will be achieved through: *4 Shortterm joint staff training events during which the target groups will learn 4 MODULES in the form of workshops: 1. Digital Literacy – Women Catching Up, 2. Netiquette & Dangers of the Web, 3. Digital Business Skills,4. Online Marketing Strategies, *YoungWomen@Work
website as digital network among partner organisations, which will spread knowledge and training to the young women through asynchronous methods (forums,lecture materials, etc), *The awareness raising campaign, YOUNGWOMEN@WORK,where our target groups will interact with the public and get our project’s message for the need for digital skill development out to people and pressurise decision-makers, *4 short training events
for young women, according to the model of the 4 Short-term joint staff training. The transnational character of the project helps all partners in their professional development in teaching digital skills,to compare approaches offered by the 5 partner countries on digital skill development, to become more systematic in their work with youth,more visible at national and international level and more familiar with European tools to implement a project.


  • Start Date: 01/02/2020

  • End Date: 31/07/2021




  • STANDO LTD – Cyprus


    ZDROWIU – Poland

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