PROGRAMME: Education for setting up a center of amateur handcrafters in the countryside
PROJECT NUMBER: 2019-1-SI01-KA104-060324
DURATION: 01-6-2019 to 31-05-2020

This project has been funded with support from the European Commission.
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PROGRAMME: Education for setting up a center of amateur handcrafters in the countryside
PROJECT NUMBER: 2019-1-SI01-KA104-060324
DURATION: 01-6-2019 to 31-05-2020


In line with the purpose and mission of CTRP so.p. we plan to establish a centre for amateur handcrafters with the purpose of reviving and promoting of traditional handcrafts and other forms of cultural heritage. Our centre will collaborate with similar organizations in neighbouring countries thus international collaboration is also an important part of our future goals.
The project is addressing the problem of disappearing of traditional handcrafts and other forms of cultural heritage but it also has a potential to help with the development of experience-based tourism in the countryside. We see a great potential for the centre to add to the efforts for sustainable development in the field of cultural heritage and tourism in the countryside as well as for inclusion of vulnerable target groups thus combating the effects of social exclusion and poverty.
Founding of the centre is in line with our mission and some of our prior activities and competences. But a SWOT analysis showed that, in order to establish it, we still need some specific competences which we can only find abroad where centres for reviving and promoting of cultural heritage is much more developed.
Apart from establishing the centre for amateur handcrafters we have also set some additional goals: inclusion of vulnerable target groups into the activities of the centre and international activities.
In order to achieve these goals, we need to address some needs for competences, skills and knowledge:
– Mentoring skills for the transfer of handcraft skills from older to younger generation,
– Soft skills such as communication, conflict resolution, critical observation,
– Competences and skills to work with vulnerable target groups and their integration into the working environment,
– competences to develop a sustainable business model based on social responsibility,
– Communicational and intercultural competences for international collaboration (language, terminology, intercultural knowledge, knowing different social environments…),
– Knowledge about good practices and experiences from abroad.

We will obtain the competences and knowledge needed through 2 activities:
Activity 1: Job Shadowing (3 persons, 6 days) in Italy on the topic of mentorship and with young amateur handcrafters and work with vulnerable target groups. This activity will show us practical work, organisation, communication with target groups and the public, strategies for popularisation of cultural heritage and other practical aspects of similar centres.
Activity 2: Structured courses or training events abroad (3 persons, 6 days) in Spain on the topics of popularisation of handcrafts and cultural heritage, soft skills of communication, conflict resolution, critical observation, cultural heritage and integration of vulnerable target groups into working environment. This activity will present us with theoretical background and good practices for establishing this type of centres and preservation of cultural heritage.
One of the participants in each activity will be a person from disadvantaged group. This person will provide an insight from the disadvantaged perspective and help to better disseminate and integrate activity results at home.
Both activities will also prepare us for international cooperation by strengthening our linguistic and terminological competences, getting to know the rules of international communication and cooperation and establishing new international partner contacts.
2 persons from CTRP so.p. will take part in the activities. They will be selected based on their role in the association and their pre-existing skills and competences so that the optimal acquisition of new skills and competences will be achieved as well as the best possible dissemination and integration of project results. In this way we will optimally address our needs needed for the completion of the goals listed in our European Development Plan.
Before the activities take place we will inform our participants about the goals, about host organizations and their activities. If needed, they will receive special linguistic and intercultural training. Potential risks will be further addressed through precise and prompt communication between us and the hosts so that all the needs and expectations from both sides will be known.
Results of the mobility will be disseminated inside and outside of CTRP so.p. Inside to all employees and all who will be involved in the creation of the centre for amateur handcrafters. On the outside, our audience will be organizations with similar goals, our financers, local policy makers, amateur handcrafters of all generations and also general public. Dissemination will be done through presentations, roundtables, the EPALE portal and ERASMUS + Project Results platform, social media and other mainstream media.


  • Start Date: 01/06/2019

  • End Date: 31/05/2021

Applicant Organization

  • Drustvo CTRP Maribor, so.p.

Host Organization

  • E-School Educational Group – Greece

Karditsa – Greece

Moments of the Activities (They will be posted after the mobility)