PROGRAMME: Developing competencies for effective and efficient project management of EU funded projects
PROJECT NUMBER: 2019-1-EL01-KA104-061085
DURATION: 01/12/2019 to 30/11/2020 (Extended)

This project has been funded with support from the European Commission.
This publication reflects the views only of the author, and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein.


PROGRAMME: Developing competencies for effective and efficient project management of EU funded projects
PROJECT NUMBER: 2019-1-EL01-KA104-061085
DURATION: 01/12/2019 to 30/11/2020 (Extended)


E-SCHOOL EDUCATIONAL GROUP is an adult education and training center with deep sense of responsibility about its role in the modern society of lifelong learning. So, it is constantly looking to improve the quality of its service. In the last three years, it has taken part in several Erasmus+ projects and is headed towards promoting its transnational activities, with the aim of exchanging and transferring knowledge and know-how in areas related to its activities.

The main reason why E-SCHOOL wishes to implement this project in cooperation with the host organization, is its need and desire to extend its action to more European programs. Consequently, it becomes necessary to train its staff on issues related to efficient and effective program management for EU funded projects in order for the organization to be able to meet adequately its new responsibilities. Furthermore, the fact that this training will be carried out in an international environment will be the starter for the gradual internationalization of E-SCHOOL.

The project will provide training to E-SCHOOL staff, so that they will acquire the necessary knowledge and skills on proper and qualitative project management, promoting E-SCHOOL’s vision for an international cooperation. But at the same time, it will enable trainees to gain European experience to benefit from future opportunities in the field of education and training in a European level. Networking and collaborative learning culture will be gradually enhanced organizing more activities that strengthen the European and international dimension of our organization. In addition, the participant’s intercultural skills will be developed, language skills will be promoted and the sense of European citizenship will be enhanced.

The host partner is Shipcon, an institution with many years of experience in adult education. The team of trainees is consisted of ten highly qualified individuals. The profile and the academic qualifications of the participants guarantee the integration of this valuable knowledge.
The transnational mobility is part of the staff’s professional development plan. Through that, ESCHOOL will acquire more skilled staff who will adequately fulfill its obligations arising from their participation in European programs. Also, participants will improve their professional profile.
 Through the project, participants will become aware of continuing education and training in order to meet challenges of our modern society and start upgrading their existing skillsets and improving themselves.

 Our organization will broaden the range of its international activities giving trainers and trainees more opportunities for internationally oriented learning.
 Additionally, E-SCHOOL will strengthen its profile as a reliable partner in European partnerships and will develop a vision and a plan to expand its network.
 Through enhancement of networking, interaction and exchange of good practices with partners from Europe, it will provide more attractive vocational training adapted to the needs of local society and economy.
 In addition, its curriculum will become more modern and linked to international developments through integration of knowledge and good practices of other European stakeholders.
 The profile of E-SCHOOL will be strengthened as an educational group open to society that meets its modern social challenges and needs.
 It will create a new collaborative base with the local professional society through connecting the world of education and world of work.
 The experience and the knowledge that will be acquired will be useful for creating similar educational programs of other local stakeholders giving a multiplier character and added value in their education. It will contribute to the development of intercultural cooperation in society through both the experience that participants will acquire through that project and European projects that they will be involved in in the future.
 Therefore, E-SCHOOL will increase its capabilities as an adult education provider, in order to be able to provide more learning opportunities responding to the needs of the modern society of knowledge.




  • Start Date: 01/12/2019

  • End Date: 30/11/2020
    Extended: 31/05/2021

Applicant Organization

  • E-School Educational Group – Greece

Host Organization

  • ShipCon Limassol – Cyprus

Barcelona – Spain

Moments of the Activities