Project Description



PROGRAMME: Developing skills for the labor market through Gamebased learning
PROJECT NUMBER: 2020-1-EL01-KA104-077587
DURATION: 01-11-2020 to 30-10-2021

This project has been funded with support from the European Commission.
This publication reflects the views only of the author, and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein.


The aim of the proposed project is to train 8 adult trainers of our organization on modern methodologies and practices followed in education. Trainers come from different disciplines so that new knowledge can be applied to a wide range of subjects. The project includes two mobilities. The first one is related to Game-Based learning and aims to provide trainers with the knowledge and skills to use games in the educational process. At the same time, it provides participants with practical knowledge in the use of game-based techniques, integration of gamification mechanisms, social game and serious game. The second mobility deals with the cultivation of the Entrepreneurial mindset in Education. Participants will have the opportunity to gain in-depth knowledge both on the theory associated with the five practices of entrepreneur education and how games and activities are applied to create a learning environment that motivates trainees. Cultivating entrepreneurial mindset in education will equip adult trainers with the necessary tools to teach trainees elements of entrepreneurship so that learners apply them into their daily lives.

The proposed project complements our trainers’ knowledge and skills and provides them with the necessary tools to integrate modern teaching methods during their sessions. Moreover, it will improve their scientific and pedagogical expertise and thus the quality of education provided by our organization. Game as an educational tool can contribute to the development of skills related to adult participation in the labor market, employability and their management of social and personal life. Such skills are critical thinking, problem solving, communication skills, teamwork and more. In addition, our organization will have the opportunity to gain European experience and exchange good practices with other European organizations recognized in the field of education.

With the proposed project, our organization will acquire specialized adult trainers who will improve and update their knowledge, better understand systems and practices in the field of education and training which are applied in other European countries, be able to improve quality of training and its effectiveness, bring modernization to both trainers and their organizations and also help link education and the labor market. In addition, they will improve their ability to respond
to the linguistic and cultural diversity of modern societies but also to improve their skills in foreign languages.

Both local community and general public are expected to benefit from this project as it is expected to bring positive and long-term results to the stakeholders and organizations involved.


  • Start Date: 01/11/2020

  • End Date: 30/10/2021

Applicant Organization

  • E-School Educational Group – Greece

Host Organization

  • Euneos Oy


Karditsa – Greece


Moments of the Activities (They will be posted after the mobility)