Project Description

Entrepreneurship education methods



The goal of this course is to introduce the concept and principles of entrepreneurship education to school and adult education teachers, as well as provide training on the effective strategies that can be used to help students engage in entrepreneurship education. They will receive training on the essential entrepreneurial skills and competences and how to induce innovative and creative thinking to learners. They will also receive training in effective entrepreneurial learning tools and methods and in the classroom. After the end of this course, teachers and trainers will have a better understanding of the concept, principles and benefits of entrepreneurship education and they will have improved the skills and competences that are required to convey that knowledge to their students.

Main topics

-Introduction to entrepreneurial learning
-Principles of entrepreneurial learning
-Entrepreneurial skills and competences
-Innovative and creative thinking
-Business modelling
-Design thinking
-Business planning
-Different forms of entrepreneurship
-Strategies to engage learners in entrepreneurship education
-Tools and methods for effective entrepreneurial learning
-Strategies to engage learners in creative and innovative thinking



The methodology that is going to be used in order to introduce the participants into entrepreneurship learning is based on collaborative learning and aims to activate the participants in the learning process. The methodology includes lectures, presentations, videos, workshops, teamworking exercises and case studies of examples of businesses.


Target groups

This course is targeted at educators, teachers and trainers that want to provide training in Entrepreneurship to school and adult learners.