Project Description

Teaching Robotics with digital tools


Day 1 – Introduction to the course, The National Education System, Introduction to Robotics

Day 2 – Presenting Robotics to Students, Robotics-Related Material

Day 3 – Introduction to basic programming, Basic Principles and Commands, Hands-On Training

Day 4 – Advanced Robotics (Arduino), Hands-On Training

Day 5 – Group Project, Course Evaluation, Certificates

The course also includes technical visits; the exact locations and amount will be arranged with the applicant partner organization depending on the needs and type of their school.

The course also allows for organized cultural activities, in order to get acquainted with modern Greek culture; all cultural activities will be defined in accordance with the bi-lateral agreement to be signed after approval.

Learning Outcomes

Amongst the outcomes of the course are counted:

· Skills Enhancement (innovative learning methods)

· Skills Enhancement (creation of robotics sessions)

· Skills Enhancement (teaching robotics in classroom)

· Knowledge gained (robotics programs and material)

· Student Motivation (self-learning)

· Student Motivation (awareness of sensing and control)

· Soft Skills (digital tools)

· Soft Skills (problem solving)

· Teaching Methods (hands-on training, digital learning, e-learning)

· Cultural (meeting representatives of institutions, meeting colleagues)

· Cultural (visit locations of interest)

· Linguistic (converse with persons and attend a course in foreign a language)