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                 E-SCHOOL  EDUCATIONAL  GROUP,                  E-SCHOOL EDUCATIONAL GROUP's vision
                 located in Karditsa, Greece, is an  adult      is  to  provide  quality  educa on  and
                 educa on  center  and  VET  provider,          cer fica on for the sectors that it deals
                 accredited  by  the  Greek  Na onal            with and be a mul purpose educa onal
                 Organiza on  for  the  Cer fica on  of          center which provides high quality and
                 Qualifica ons and Voca onal Guidance -          contemporary  Lifelong  Learning  and
                 EOPPEP.                                        knowledge cer fica on.

                 Since  2003,  E-SCHOOL  EDUCATIONAL            As  part  of  this  effort  to  enhance  the
                 GROUP  has  provided  training  and            quality  of  the  educa onal  services  it
                 knowledge  accredita on  in  ICT,  new         provides its students with, by exchanging
                 technologies,  foreign  languages  while       good  prac ces  and  learning  innova ve
                 providing  professional  seminars  and         teaching  approaches,  E-SCHOOL
                 preparing  candidates  to  take  part  in      EDUCATIONAL GROUP has organized and
                 exams to be accepted in the Greek public       taken  part  in  numerous  Erasmus+  KA1
                 sector.                                        projects  as  both  a  receiving  and  host
                                                                organiza on  and  aims  to  form  KA2
                 Being  ac ve  in  Con nuous  Voca onal         strategic  partnerships  with  partners
                 Training and lifelong learning, E-SCHOOL       across Europe.
                 EDUCATIONAL  GROUP  aims  to  provide
                 the  unemployed  (especially  youths),
                 workers and professionals with as many
                 tools as possible in order to cope with the
                 demands of the modern labor market.



                  ICT  Teaching and Exams Center


                  Training & Exams Center for Agriculture sector

                  ICT CENTRE «Diophantus»
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