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Na onal Programmes for unemployed

                                                      So  far,  E-SCHOOL  EDUCATIONAL  GROUP  has  trained
                                                      thousands of adults in various subjects such as modern
                                                      sales  methods  and  techniques,  IT  skills,  administra ve
                                                      aide, customer service in tourism sector enterprises, food
                                                      sector employee and many more as can be seen below.

                                                                Table of Voucher Programmes.

                                                      Title                                  Seminars     Trainees
                                                      VOUCHER aimed at ages 18-29                5          117
                                                      VOUCHER aimed at ages 18-24                5           82
                                                      VOUCHER aimed at ages 25-29                11         206
                                                      VOUCHER in the Health Sector               1           18
                                                      VOUCHER for University graduates           3           64
                                                      VOUCHER for VET graduates                  2           41
                                                      VOUCHER in the Tourism Sector              9          109
                                                      VOUCHER aimed at ages 29-64                5           92
                                                      VOUCHER in Community service               3           48
                                                      Total                                      44         894

                                                       A end a cer fied seminar/course at E-SCHOOL
                                                       Educa onal Group in any subject, such as:

        o Modern customer service                                     o Basic IT skills
        o Administra ve aide                                          o Customer service in tourist sector businesses
        o Public rela ons and efficient customer service                o Recep onist/customer service
        o Modern sales methods and techniques                         o Food sector employee
        o Marke ng techniques, communica on                           o Call/booking center employee
           and quality customer service.                              o Modern customer service techniques
        o Reforms in the primary health network                       o Wai ng
        o Modern administra ve, secretarial and accoun ng support
        o Horizontal skills for graduates
           of Voca onal Schools and Ins tutes
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