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           The  Erasmus+  programme  offers  Learning  Mobility
           opportuni es  for  students,  staff,  trainees,  appren ces,
           volunteers, youth workers and young people, where they can
           receive funding to par cipate in European training courses.
           In the framework of Erasmus+ Key Ac on 1 Learning mobility of
           individuals, E-SCHOOL EDUCATIONAL GROUP provides training
           courses  for  students,  staff  and  trainees,  in  many  subjects,

         o Learning Difficul es / Au sm
         o Innova ve Teaching / Training Methods
         o School-issues (early dropouts, game-based learning etc)                 Tailored courses
         o Web Tools
         o Immigrants / Refugees
                                                                                               Due to our extensive
         o E-Commerce                                                                    experience and network of
         o Project Management                                                        partners, we have the capacity
         o Tourism & Management
                                                                                          to design training courses
         o Foreign Languages
                                                                                      tailored on the specific needs
         o Classroom Management                                                                  of the par cipants.
         o Cul va ng a society of Knowledge – Organiza on                                      Interested par es are
            and Management of Life-Long Learning Centers
                                                                                       encouraged to communicate
         o Enabling Society (Social Inclusion for NEET persons,                             with us, explaining their
            the Disabled and people with Mental Disabili es)
                                                                                      specific training needs for the
                                                                                            development of tailored
                                                                                                     training courses
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