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                        Tools & Applica ons

                  E-SCHOOL offers services on many

                  modern tools and applica ons, including:

                                                       1      Augmented Reality
                                                             Augmented Reality is a modern technology with
                                                             a wide applica on to Educa on and Training. E-
                                                             SCHOOL  recently  adopted  teaching  methods
                                                             using  AR,  and  is  aimed  at  enhancing  and
                                                             dissemina ng  these  methods  towards  the
                                                             benefit of Educators.

                                                       2      E-Learning

                                                             E-SCHOOL u lizes a fully func onal e-Learning
                                                             system,  effec vely  combining  asynchronous
                                                             and  synchronous  Learning  using  special  LMS
                                                             Pla orms and offers their use to third par es.

                                                       3      Web 2.0 tools
                                                             Web  2.0  tools  have  been  in  use  within  all
                                                             departments  of  E-SCHOOL,  and  are  being
                                                             u lized on Erasmus+ Projects.

                                                       4      Web design
                                                             E-SCHOOL offers web design services on various
                                                             CMS Pla orms, such as Wordpress and Joomla,
                                                             as well as HTML.

                                                       5      Programming  tools

                                                             Specialized  associates  teach  the  use  of  basic
                                                             Programming Tools useful to Educators
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