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                                                                       Tools and Applica ons

                                                                       o Augmended Reality
                                                                       o Web 2.0 tools
                                                                       o E-Learning
          1      Voca onal Educa on & Lifelong Learning                o Web design

              o Na onal projects & programmes                          o Programming Tools
                  for the unemployed

              o Other seminars & programmes
                  for increasing labor market skills                    European Projects
              o  Accredita on of voca onal                              o Host organiza on
                   competences required in the labor market             o Sending organiza on
              o  Seminars for Professionals                             o Intermediary-Consul ng organiza on

       2                                                                o Consor um coordinator
              Consul ng services
              o Consul ng services and intermedia on
                   between unemployed people and businesses

              o Career advice
              o SME Consul ng
              o Administra on services
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