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                      Consul ng


          E-SCHOOL EDUCATIONAL GROUP has a long-                  E-SCHOOL  also  provides  Career  Consul ng  to
          standing presence in many areas of the field of          adults, guiding them in their journey towards
          Consul ng  Services,  u lizing  experienced  key        employment  either  by  linking  them  to
          personnel  or  collaborators  as  suited  to  each      enterprises  suited  for  them  or  via  informing
          par cular case.                                         them  of  and  helping  them  apply  to
                                                                  Government-issued  Public  Job/Service
          As part of the “Voucher” Training and Internship        Contests.
          programmes,  E-SCHOOL  has  offered  Career
          Consul ng  and  Intermedia on  between                  Likewise, E-SCHOOL offers Viability Studies and
          unemployed people of all ages, mainly 18-29             Management Guidance to Small and Medium
          (youth).                                                Enterprises, as well as Administra on services
                                                                  for  star ng  Entrepreneurs,  or  Entrepreneurs
                                                                  now  star ng  into  new  Business  areas  of  our
                                                                  exper se.
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