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                                                              as Partner

        E-SCHOOL is applicable
        to be chosen as partner
        on any KA1 and KA2 project.

        E-SCHOOL can provide any of the following
        services  to your mobility projects:
        o  Training Courses
        o  Seminars
        o  Internships & Work Placements
        o  Workshops
        o  Job Shadowing
        o  Combina on of the Above

        Courses and Seminars can be held
        on many subject fields, including (but not limited to):

        o  ICT
        o  Business, Economics & Management
        o  School Administra on
        o  Tourism & Hospitality
        o  Agriculture
        o  Health and Welfare
        o  Languages
        o  Teaching Methods
        o  Innova on and Technological Applica ons

         E-SCHOOL is also able to offer accompanying services such as accommoda on,
         interlinking, cultural ac vi es, work placement to name but a few.

        Our various fields of exper se allow E-SCHOOL to be a capable partner/applicant of a KA2
        E-SCHOOL can perform tasks in various topics, including (but not limited to):
        Unemployment, ICT, Languages, NEET, Disabled, Teaching, Training, Management, Tourism.
        E-SCHOOL has permanent technical staff and can as well create items required and relevant to
        ICT (website, logos etc).
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