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                    European Projects


                          E-SCHOOL EDUCATIONAL GROUP has
                          organized and taken part in numerous
                          Erasmus+ KA1 projects as both a
                          receiving and host organiza on as part
                          of the effort to enhance the quality of
                          the educa onal services it provides.                        b

                                  In  the  framework  of  PA  2014-2020  (Partnership
                                  Agreement  for  the  Development  Framework)  E-
                                  SCHOOL  EDUCATIONAL  GROUP  has  implemented
                                  numerous training projects, which are state-run and
                                  par ally  funded  by  EU,  providing  training  to
        c                         thousands of voca onal trainees.

                       E-SCHOOL EDUCATIONAL GROUP aims to form
                       Erasmus+ KA2 strategic partnerships with
                       partners across Europe in the fields of Adult
                       Educa on, Innova ve Educa onal Methods,
                       Unemployment, (social) Entrepreneurship, Social
                       Inclusion and Disabled People.
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