A visit to the mayor of Karditsa mr. F. Alexakos was conducted on Tuesday 27/9/2016 by our group of 12 trainees and escorts of the “St. Lazarus” Institution, accompanied by the Director of “E-SCHOOL Educational Group”. The visit took place within the boundaries of the Erasmus+ approved project titled “Using the IT on training and inclusion of people with special needs, mental and movement disabilities, within the school and larger society environment”. Mr. Alexakos had a heartfelt conversation with the visitors from Cyprus, and wished them a pleasant and creative stay in Karditsa. Following this meeting, the trainees of “St. Lazarus” met at a café Del Corso with trainees of “Orizontes”, the local center for children with disabilities. This meeting helped a lot in creating bonds between the participants, as well as fighting the social exclusion of disabled people.