The last two days of the seminar were the most critical, since the group would be moving towards to seeing what fruit their efforts brought. After providing the group separate tasks for Virtual Reality Design, Dr. Farrugia conceded the podium to Dr. Emmanuel Francalanza, who proceeded to explain the various conversion methods from VR to Augmented Reality. Dr. Francalanza fascinated the group by introducing them to the VR hardware (such as the legendary Oculus Rift) and various Augmented Reality web pages and service providers. During the sessions, the participants managed to create their own basic and simple Augmented Reality projects, uploading them to some test accounts they created, and perform group projects. At the end of the final day, Dr. Borg joined us for the evaluation and feedback of the project’s fulfilment, and proceeded to present the group with their certificates of attendance. The group will now return with their newly gained knowledge and try to apply it individually to their own fields.