19 July 2021

Today, on the 19th of July 2021 the 1st LTTA of the ERASMUS+ project ‘ClimateYouths: Youth-centred participatory video production as a tool for empowering young people to tackle climate change’ began, in Larnaka, Cyprus, under the auspicies of STANDOutEdu. The 1st LTTA is a Short-term training course for youth workers, which focuses on providing practical experience and development of the training content for C3 & C4.

The participants will:
a. Obtain practical experience via practical exercises in specific methods and techniques for the production of Participatory Videos (PV),
b. Develop the training content on the specific methods and techniques for the PV training courses with young people (C3&C4).

STANDO will identify 4 specific topics related to climate change prior to the implementation of the training course. The 4 topics will be assigned to 4 working groups, consisting only by the training course participants. Each group will be requested to develop their own PV on the topics assigned to them.

E-School Educational group is represented by 2 members of the organization, who are looking forward to this exciting training !