30 March 2022

Our 3rd LTTA for Climateyouthspv has started, this time in Valencia. After completing the first two LTTAs on how to use participatory videos to combat the climate emergency, we are going to take the step of working on it with young people who can spread it in their realities.
Among other things, participants had the opportunity to explore Valencia, discovering places where awareness of the climate emergency is being worked on in a variety of ways.
They visited “El Carmen’s” Contemporary Culture Center, where they saw the exhibition “Emergency on Planet Earth” and learned about arts as a tool for combating climate change.
They walked through the Viveros gardens, one of Valencia’s green lungs, and discovered a way to raise awareness about the various plant species and the potential of green areas in urban spaces.

We’re delighted to see the participants are enthused!
It provides us with additional motivation to continue implementing European projects!