6 October 2023

📆 Date: 02 – 06 October, 2023
📍 Location: E-SCHOOL, Karditsa 🇬🇷

Our project is bringing together secondary school students from Romania 🇷🇴 and Turkey 🇹🇷, this week, accompanied by their dedicated teachers. The Training Activity will allow EArTH partners to evaluate the developed project results and collect participants’ feedback in order to make the necessary adjustments.
Together, we embark on a journey of learning, cultural exchange, and personal growth. 📚✈️

🌱 Topics Explored:

1⃣ Circular Design
2⃣ Sustainable Fashion
3⃣ Digital Technology & E-waste
4⃣ Energy & Climate Change

This is a unique opportunity for our students to delve deeper into the topics of our project and test the EArTH Platform, through engaging workshops, seminars and team-building activities, thus becoming motivated to take action to build a sustainable Europe. They also acquire green skills, broaden their horizons, and gain a deeper understanding of different cultures. 🌏🤝