9 October 2023

📆 Date: 06 October, 2023
📍 Location: E-SCHOOL, Karditsa 🇬🇷

As the EArTH project nears completion, the partners held their 4th and final Meeting at the premises of @eschooleuprojects. During the meeting, preparations were made for the EArTH competition, in which secondary school students will present their own sustainable solutions using the EArTH platform. Moreover, they reviewed the 5-day Training that took place during the same week and devised strategies for the forthcoming multiplier events in their respective countries.
The partners are happy to have accomplished the project’s main milestones, PR1: EArTH Curriculum and PR2: EArTH Platform, which will soon become available to all interested parties.
The meeting concluded with a review of all managerial aspects and the development of plans for the project’s longevity.