During this week, E-SCHOOL EDUCATIONAL GROUP is hosting a training course in the framework of Erasmus+. Teachers from Italy, Poland and Slovenia have visited our premises in Karditsa, in order to attend a training course in Game Based Learning in the Classroom.

The main purpose of the seminar is the theoretical and practical training of the guest teachers in the use of Game Based Learning as well as the creation and preparation of likewise material in terms of a school classroom.

In detail, by the end of this course, participants will be able to:

  1. understand the usability of game based methodology
  2. comprehend the pros and cons of game based usages in educational processes
  3. know a range of games that can be used to support learning
  4. promote the use of new technologies through the integration of the games into the educational process, thus enhancing learners’ digital skills
  5. incorporate games into the educational process with the aim to make learning more engaging
  6. familiarize themselves with best practice approaches and practical examples of using game based tools and methods in education in different countries
  7. create lesson plans by applying new knowledge gained
  8. incorporate game-based strategies during their lessons/sessions in the future
  9. create a game to serve a particular educational goal

E-SCHOOL has been very active in recent years with the European Erasmus+ Programmes. It is currently implementing dozens of projects in the category C2 and has hosted hundreds of teachers and students in the category C1, using high quality trainers from our city.

Since 1987, Erasmus+ has given more than 9 million students, volunteers, pupils, workers, young people and other beneficiaries the opportunity to actively participate in Erasmus+-related activities. The benefits are manifold and touch many levels, both personal and much more so at educational and professional level.