7 September 2023

🚀 What is DigComp?
DigComp, short for Digital Competence Framework, is your roadmap to mastering digital skills. Whether you’re a tech enthusiast, a professional in any field, or someone looking to boost your digital confidence, DigComp is your ally in the digital world.


🔑 Key Elements of DigComp:

  • Information and Data Literacy: Navigate the digital information landscape.
  • Communication and Collaboration: Connect and engage online effectively.
  • Digital Content Creation: Bring your ideas to life through digital media.
  • Safety: Protect yourself and others in the digital realm.
  • Problem-Solving: Tackle digital challenges with confidence.

💡 Why DigComp Matters:
Enhances employability in the digital job market.
Empowers you to use digital tools for personal and professional growth.
Ensures digital safety and security.
Fosters digital citizenship and responsible online behaviour.
Levels the digital playing field for everyone.